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Free Self Defence Courses in Calgary

WHY do we offer FREE self Defence Courses?...

....It's all part of giving back and removing obstacles that would otherwize prevent everyday people from attending.

If there's a possiblity that we can help another person, then it's all worth while.

We teach a very practical system of Self Defence which is suitable for anyone.

Courses are for Men, Women and Teens

Separate Programs are available for Kids

Contact Us for Further Details

Programs Available:

  • Targeting and Striking
  • Escape Techniques
  • Ground Defence
  • Keychain Defence
  • Take-Downs
  • Hold-Downs

The Techniques taught on our Free Self Defense Courses in Calgary are very simple and very effective

Fightwize now hold Free Self Defence Courses in the Following Locations -

  • Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Red Deer, AB, Canada
  • Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Newmarket, Ont, Canada
  • Rugby, Wark's, UK
  • Coventry, Wark's, UK

We also hold Courses for Groups and Corporate Organisations.

Contact us directly for information on Private Instruction.

Our Free Self Defence Courses are suitable for virtually anyone!

All information is simple!

All Techniques are simple and effective!

Techniques consist of Gross Motor Skills - These are simple body movements that all people are capable of performing.

  • Personal Protection
  • Safety
  • Life Saving Skills
  • Increase Confidence
  • Belief in Yourself
  • Reduce Stress

Self Defence is not just about learning a few moves - It's about everything we do on a daily basis.

Although most of our courses are for both men and women, 95% of all who attend are women.

We have both Male and Female Instructors

If you would like to organise a course at a location not listed on our site, please contact us directly for details.

It's not about Fighting, it's about Survival and doing everything possible to ensure it!
















Self Defense in Coventry

Contact us if you are interested in having a Self Defence Course in Coventry

Our Courses include information from the following Modules -

Module 1 - Targeting and Striking
Targeting and striking for maximum effect.

Module 2 - Escape Techniques
Escapes from all the most common holds. Discover a common concept that can be applied to virtually all holds.

Module 3 - Ground Defense
When a fight or struggle goes to ground, it's far from over, discover why.

Module 4 - Key Chain Defense
How to use everyday pocket items to assist in your Self Protection.

Module 5 - Basic Take Downs
Discover simple and effective Take Downs.

Module 6 - Basic Hold Downs
Discover simple and effective Hold Downs.

We are now holding these Courses for Free every month.
You will receive our Self Defense  book of information for each module and certification for each level completed. Discounts are offered to groups. There are limited spaces available so ensure you book early.

All of the techniques covered in any of our courses and in our book are very simple and effective, they involve only gross motor skills (basic body movements) which everyone is capable of. This is an important factor in self defence as techniques must be simple to be effective under pressure.
There is an ongoing class based in Calgary for those who are keen on learning and practicing techniques and concepts.

We have added some scenario based training with an experienced Instructor in a Fully Padded Attackers Outfit. This allows us to take our training to the next level so Students can use a realistic level of force against the attacker.
Contact us now to Register for a Course or to find out more about Self Defense Coventry courses.

visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.
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Choosing A Course for You -

We Hold Many Free Self Defence Courses in Coventry. If you want to learn more, we have regular classes available too. There is no pressure or Obligation to learn more.

It's a big Decision -
Know what it is you are looking for, or at least have a good idea about what to expect.

Prevention is Better Than Cure -

Learning a few skills and Growing Your Confidence may be all that's required for you to avoid a serious situation

Just One Snippet of Information in the right hands can be the difference!

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